Monday, 11 August 2014

The Story of Renaldo Kell

Let's begin
Well were do I start?

I started doing film in 2005 where I had this small little digital camera, messing around with it where me and my friends use to get together and film these small clips of us acting.
Later on it became serious and I bought my first proper camera which use to record on these tape cassettes.

We then work on our first series called Ronald and Vishnuu and did two episodes. 2 years later someone inboxed me and wanted more of that series so I bought my first hd camcorder and I did 3 more episodes.

In 2010 I did my first short film Steel which was released on dvd and later was picked up by an american producer, Joel Stephens, who put it on his show Sprockets and Splices along with my fan film Street Fighter Vengenace.

I then helped with sound and Lighting in a cinematic film called Broken Promises 3 with Director Kumaran Naidu.

The sad part of my life was when I was doing my first full feature film Legacy of Steel and it was stolen by some guys who broke into our home.

So now I'm working on a series called Rebirth.

So ye, that is how I got introduced to film. 90% of it was stuff I learnt on my own like editing, directing and writing scripts.

Thank you for reading

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