Monday, 31 March 2014

#Update: The Smithdale Haunting Series

The long awaited web series called The Smithdale Haunting begins airing on the 4th April 2014.

It follows Samantha(Maria Valaskatzis) and her daughter Jessica (Samantha Lee) who move into a new home after Samantha takes a promotion in a new law firm. Samantha then finds an old box buried in the back yard which releases an evil force known as The Hooded Man (Lyle Governder) along with it's spirit The Female Ghost (Janita Jana).
It will be released on youtube channel. So get ready. Here are some trailers and clips of the series:

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

update: The Smithdale Haunting Online Series

Get ready.
The Smithdale Haunting will be released on youtube as a web series under BSN Online Entertainment. Originally a film, the director decided take a leap of faith and release online.

Youtube is a great tool to distribute online media internationally without spending to much.

Updates to follow

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Legacy of Steel

Check out my short film Legacy of Steel.

Starring Ryan Mayne, Kerusha Kisten, Sherwin Basdeo and Sebastion Bussack

Monday, 17 March 2014

KOF King of Fighters: The Reign

For updates on the upcoming web series based upon the game King of Fighters 95' join our facebook page

King of Fighters Rebooted

KOF King of Fighters: The Reign

Well if you read the title, yes you guessed it King of Fighters is back. Well not in film format but web series.
The creater of this upcoming series decide to make a reboot to the film that made everybody say wtf!
Now based on 95' it follows Terry Bogard who no longer is interested in the tournament. Until a detective, explains to him about Rugal's return, Rugal who was believed to die in that explosion.
To cut a long story short the detective is interested in a fighter called Kyo. Who seems to be one of the Clans who can defeat Rugal.
Welll so far it sounds interesting. Besides the story itself this is who or what is in it:
The Orichi
According to infomation other fighters will join in like the main character Kyo.
So let's hope this can rub out that awful film that was released before