Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spaz "The Journey."

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Pool Day by The Kell League

Today was a awesome day with my two friends. We decide since it was hot to go to the pool, and so we relaxed in the cooling of the waters of the pool.

Then all of a sudden we saw two of the most beautiful coloured girls that we haven't seen before. So our concentration was on them. Don't get me wrong, all women are beautiful but these two were exceptional.

So while relaxing in the pool my friend decides to tell us a story about a girl that he pursued on twitter. After a while he decided no, she doesn't seem interested so he told her, "Let's face facts, you will never get me, so better not to pursue this." After my friend said that now the girl wants him now! Strange how things turn out!

Renaldo Kell
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The Final Cut (A Street Fighter Written Story)

Early in the morning I uploaded to YouTube my first episode of Street Fighter Vengeance based on the capcom games, "Street Fighter."

Now the first comment I got was, "It doesn't feel like Street Fighter." Of cause it doesn't feel like Street Fighter because I wanted something different. When you go on Youtube and search street fighter you find alot of fan films that always has the same element, Ryu Vs Ken, except for Street Fighter X Tekken The Devil Within.

So me, with a camera, decides to do a short fan film with a story. To my surprise I start receiving wats app messengers, emails and even blogs asking, when's the next episode. Now me, I wasn't planning a series, but now it looks like it needs one.

I am a big fan and look forward to Assassin's Fist, but in the mean while, I will continue on my own journey.
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Wednesday, 2 January 2013