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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Jacob Zuma Resigns

acob Zuma has resigned from his position as President of the Republic of South Africa.

He has not yet confirmed this verbally, nor has he released the letter of resignation. Still, it is accepted that he has resigned. We may or may not have resigned for him: it doesn’t matter who resigned him, only that he has resigned. Those of us who know and accept that he has resigned will simply spread the word that he’s resigned until it is known from one end of South Africa to the other that he has resigned, and that anybody who says otherwise – including Zuma himself – is woefully mistaken on the matter.

This is not a petition: it’s the declaration of an accomplished fact. This accomplished fact may take a few weeks or months for Zuma to admit. But he has certainly resigned. It is something that doesn’t need courts, processes, tribunals, committees, parliaments and advisers to acknowledge. They’re absolutely wonderful but Jacob Zuma’s resignation doesn’t depend on their acknowledgement. It doesn’t even depend on his. It depends on ours. He’s resigned because weacknowledge that he’s resigned. In short, “He’s Resigned” – #HesResigned, #ZumasResigned

Spread that. Yell it from the rooftops. Tell it on the mountain. Share it on twitter. Tell your friends and family. One by one, your friends, families, colleagues and neighbors will also see it. How could they have doubted it for an instant? Zuma has resigned, no matter what even Zuma says on the matter. He doesn’t call the shots. WE do. He doesn’t confirm the facts. WE do. We confirm that he has resigned. No President can lead people who resolutely believe and accept that he’s resigned. If he speaks, we’ll chant, “You’ve resigned!” and accept nothing beside.

He’s resigned. It’s a fact whether he acknowledges it or not. Presidency can be so stressful – so many decisions to make, problems to solve and people to please. Among these many stressors, Jacob Zuma may have forgotten that he’s resigned. This is understandable and we’ll pardon these effects of this strain, and relieve him of his duties. Because he’s resigned.

The Office of the Presidency may deny that this has happened. It doesn’t matter, for we will simply chant, “He’s resigned!” in spite of their denial. In its confusion, the media will release reports that say he hasn’t resigned. In response, we will simply click the reply button and say #HesResigned in the comments section. We will write letters to editors, gently correcting them, saying #ZumasResigned. On forums, in message boards, on every conceivable platform, we will say, #ZumasResigned.

Oh, I can already hear the protests. “But – but – this is treason, it’s silly, it’s sedition, it’s untrue, it can’t be, it’s a rumour…!” So? He’s resigned, and the brief consequences of highlighting this fact cannot postpone the inevitable. And it’s inevitable because it’s happened already. And it’s happened already because WE say it’s happened already.

We will say #HesResigned on our Facebook statuses and on our bumper stickers. We will wear t-shirts that say #HesResigned. We will raise funds, buy advertising space and put up billboards and adverts saying, #ZumasResigned. That alone will cause colossal damage to the image of the government until the embarrassment is overwhelming. Then they’ll have to get rid of him. But it doesn’t even have to go that far. If every person who realizes that he has resigned just spreads this news, as news, it will become news. We will tell stories that begin with the words, “Remember when Jacob Zuma was President…” regardless of whether he has given his resignation in or not. We will consign him to the archives of history whether he is ready to be consigned or not. Why? Because he’s resigned. #HesResigned #ZumasResigned

There is no need for him to deny or affirm this fact. There is no need for the media or society to investigate the news: we are now deciding and creating the news just as President Zuma has decided and created the truth about Nkandla (and other issues) all along. How can it be a mere rumour that he’s resigned if so many people are saying the same thing?

Spread the news. Jacob Zuma has resigned.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

#Update Bush Knife The Rise

If you've been wondering why this blog or i have been quiet. Well its because planning for our first shoot of the action film Bush Knife The Rise has been going on.

So time has escaped my grasp. So hang in there supporters and haters, we will be updating once we start production and will release our first teaser trailer.

You can join the film group page @

Stay tune for upcoming updates on the current production.

2014 Bravspan Productions

Friday, 3 October 2014

Supermodel Elanza Nortje debuts in her first film

Now, most of you'll know this South African beauty as a model in various shoots. But now she debut in her first ever feature film called Bush Knife The Rise.

Playing a seductive and yet cunning assassin called Lady Blue, she seeks out and hunts down the man named William Singh aka Bush Knife.
Part of a notorious gang called The Skulls her skills as an assassin get put to very good use.

Will Bush Knife succumb to her beauty or will he overcome?

Production is slated for October/November and the film releases in 2015.

You can keep up to date by joining the facebook group

Friday, 12 September 2014

An All Star Team for Bush Knife The Rise

Bush Knife The Rise recruits an All Star Team
The Rise of Bush Knife Bobby
Seems to be grabbing attention not only in South Africa but also internationally.

With three America actors/actress's Joel Stephens, Donna Brook and Emily Browning joining the cast, it seems bush knife bobby is destined for greatness.

New comer, Director Renaldo Kell and Producer Bruce Gounder are trying to change the image of an icon hero into a darker and gritty feel.

No more are the days of PG ratings this is gonna be for a mature audience. Rediscovering the origins that brought us a legend, Bush Knife Bobby.
Releasing in 2015.
Starring Bruce Gounder, Ryan Mayne, Joel Stephens, Donna Brook and Emily Browning.
Produced by Bruce Gounding and Vischal Singh
Directed and Written by Renaldo Kell

2014. All Rights Reserved. Bravospan.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bush Knife: The Rise Chopping His Own Path

From phoenix to chatsworth even newlands west and east. Everybody knows the name Bush Knife Bobby.

But now his back in his own self titled film The Rise Of Bush Knife Bobby. Which tells a different origin story compared to its comical predecessor. 

Written and Directed by newcomer Renaldo Kell and Produced by Bruce Gounder along with executive producers like Vischal Singh and Deshan Maharaj, we leap into a dark and gritty world where a criminal organisation called The Skulls are infesting durban city with drugs and prostitution.
William "Bobby" Singh is a hard working man trying to provide for his family until his pulled into this dark society. 

But after a tragic incident his counter part rises and Bush Knife Bobby becomes vengeance for those who cannot defend themselves.

The film takes on another aspect that we did not see before. Besides a dark and gritty version of the icon, it is said to be made for a mature audience. So don't expect something corny. Expect a lot of violence in this rendition. 

In the cast are three american actors who put Bush Knife Bobby on the international map. Joel Stephens, Donna Brook and Emily Browning have signed on to the south african film.

Still in the process of getting sponsorships and a budget this is one local film to explode on cinemas.

Production is schedule for october/november on this gritty film. So for updates trailers visit there facebook page,


Bruce Gounder, Jerome Naidu, Yarushka Singh, Joel Stephens, Donna Brook, Emily Browning and Ryan Mayne.

Set to be released in 2015

Friday, 5 September 2014

Bush Knife: The Rise


Character: Bush Knife Bobby aka KUMAR "BOBBY" SINGH is a character that uses two machetes as his primary weapon.
A mass murderer of those who do evil, he cuts his way through the scum of Durban city. A very aggressive and angry person

Plot: After his wife and child is murdered by a notorious gang called The Skulls, he decides to take revenge by destroying this criminal element. One boss at a time.
The machetes that he uses were a gift from a stranger that knew what he was going through. Not knowing that the stranger has a darker more sinister plan for Kumar (Bush Knife Bobby).

Check out the teaser for the film @ The Rise of Bush Knife Bobby