Monday, 30 July 2012

Director of Snow White & The Hunts Men taps Kristen Stewart's ass

Fans are super angry at Kristen for cheating on Robert Pattinson — and her affair with director Rupert Sanders may have destroyed the future of the ‘Snow White’ franchise! Read on for all the details!

Kristen Stewart tarnished her three-year relationship with Robert Pattinson when she cheated with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, but they may have destroyed the franchise as well — along with their entire careers!

“None of the studios are going to want to work with a married director who publicly hooks up with the much younger leading lady,” one Hollywood source told Page Six. Another added, “Female moviegoers were just looking for a reason to dislike Kristen Stewart, and now they’ve got it.”
Studio Executive Dorian Rubin tells exclusively, “Right now there is nothing Kristen Stewart can do to save her career. Her career exists on her fans and right now her fans are not happy. They feel betrayed, they are upset, it’s not a good sign for Kristen. The reason Kristen became so successful in the first place was because of her fans. For studio executives, fan base equals box-office dollars. If Kristen loses her fans she loses value! It doesn’t matter that she is only 22-years-old and was may have been taken advantage of by her older director, her fans are that age or younger and they may not forgive her. They were all hoping that the photos were photo-shopped. So many hearts were broken, not just Rob’s, but all of her fans. Bella Swan would NEVER do something like this!”
The hardest task of all — if a future sequel to Snow White does happen — will be uniting Rupert with the film’s original players — including Kristen, his wife Liberty Ross and Charlize Theron. Obviously the affair is bad timing, since the first Snow, which was Rupert’s feature debut, made $381 million at the box office!
And it seems like Snow White isn’t the only franchise that may be affected by this scandal!
A source close to Summit Entertainment, the film studio, and the Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie, coming out this fall, opens up about their worries on how this scandal will impact the final installment of the popular franchise. “Everyone is very scared on how to move forward with promotion, as they know the cheating is still going to be an issue [this fall].” Our insider continues, “They are highly considering doing only the safe routes of Jay Leno and MTV only. But it’s currently a complete nightmare trying to move forward with the film’s promotion.”

Friday, 20 July 2012

Ronald & Vishnuu The Sitom

Episode 1: The Visitor

We find Ronald enjoying he's favorite book when he's friend Vishnuu comes visiting to inform him with some important news that begins a awesome plot.

Starring Renaldo Kell, Vishal Singh and Zak Khan

Created by Renaldo Kell and Vishal Singh

Watch it at:

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Dark Power Ranger A Bravospan Production

This year we were pounding the idea of a new power ranger film, but of cause we don't have the bugdet for it so this is our vision to any production company willing to finance us. Tell us what you think of this vision?

Contact Number: +27 71 4181203

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My lust for Days of our lives star Shelly hennig

This has been a busy day so I sit down to eat my food and watch tv and I see days of our lives is on. I realise how hot Stefanie is ,also know as her real name: shelly hennig. Dam this girl is hot, she has the potential to be the next megan fox if she plays her cards right.

Written by Vishal Singh

Rory & Connor 5

Reboot Of Youtube Series

Ronald & Vishnuu The Sitcom

Hey guys, my name is Renaldo Kell, I'm the directer of the online series called Ronald & Vishnuu. For all those that have been following the statues of the series will be glade to know that we will be rebooting the series on youtube. The previous one focused on Ronald & Vishnuu and a secret organization called They. But the reboot will mainly focus on the main characters returning the series to it's original comedy roots. So if you haven't been a follower of the original, don't be concern as the reboot will serve as your comedy relief. The 1st episode will be released in August 2012 at So keep checking up on this site for news on the date of release.

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Made an episode of a sitcom for youtube this weekend

Ah this weekend shot a sitcom, that was inspired by friends. My friend was making short films and youtube clips using his HD camera. Finally we decided to make a new webseries based on an original webseries we created before called ronald and vishnuu ,but this one will not be the same as the original. Instead this one will be shot as a sitcom series Its always fun working with friend going crazy doing things you love. Soon I will post the video...
Check out the teaser trailer:

Ronald & Vishnuu The Sitcom Teaser Trailer

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Casting for Legacy Of Steel (SA)


Hey guys we are currently looking for actors, extras, for our film Legacy Of Steel. Filming is to begin later this year. So if you want to be considered you can email your picture and a profile about yourself with your contact details to and if your chosen we will contact you'll! 

See you soon!!

Only for South Africa, Durban